Widdy Hockey Dart Board w/darts


Widdy Basswood dart hockey boards (end grain surface a.k.a. "endwood") are beautifully hand crafted in America. Our Hockey endwood boards are identical on both sides for longer life. Comes with one dozen darts, 6 red band and 6 blue band for team colors.

Board dimensions are 33"w x 16"h

A copy of the rules are included and shown below.


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Widdy Hockey Dart Board w/darts

  • This product is for indoor use only, exposure to elements, temperature and moisture extremes may damage board.




    TO START THE GAME: One player from each team (captain), shoots at the face-off circle. The team with the most darts in their color win the face-off and is awarded to shoot first.


    RULES OF PLAY: Play progresses by each team hitting a DEFENSEMAN, a FORWARD, and a GOAL respectively. Players shoot up to three darts per turn. Play alternates between teams after each player’s turn. The team reaching the amount of goals set forth before the start of the game 1-20 will win.



    OFF-SIDES & ICING: Results in a face-off in the shooting team’s face-off circle with the respective player from each team shooting the face-off one at a time. If a player hits goal during the face-off that team will get a point and game will repeat at center ice/circle. If a team hits penalty that player will lose remaining shots and opposite team will then be awarded to shoot. If no goal or penalties are hit the team that hit their color most wins the face-off.


    PENALTY: Players that are shooting and hits the penalties that circle the DEFENSEMAN & FORWARD will lose their remain darts and his/hers next turn. When a player is shooting on the goal and hits turn over that player will only lose their remaining shoots/darts.


    GOAL: When a player is shooting for a goal that player must hit the open part of the net which will result in a goal and a point for that team and then game will repeat at center ice/circle. If player hits the goalie or open part of the ice it will only count as a blocked shot or a shot taken and will shoot remaining darts.